Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Closed TWO weeks ago!

Wow!  It's been two weeks already and it doesn't feel like it (nor does my house look like it).  We closed on our house and tried moving all the big furniture that we planned on taking with us which was really only two bedrooms.. the rest we wanted all new.  

After we spent only three days in our new house we packed for our vacation and just got back here.. so we closed two weeks ago yet we've only been in our house approximately 5 days total.  Our PM is already emailing us asking us to set up our 30 days for next week and I don't even know where to begin.  I feel like we haven't had enough time to figure what is wrong.  Any bloggers want to give me hints on what to check closely??  All we really have are paint touch ups and some outlets not working.  

Anyway, our house is still empty of furniture.  We did paint the entire downstairs because it was a boring off white color contractors use TERRIBLE/CHEAP paint so we wanted that gone immediately!  We will eventually do the upstairs too.  So, my house is empty of furniture but not empty of boxes/bags waiting to be unloaded.  

Here are just a couple pictures of our morning room.  I'm disappointed about the area rug we got.. we underestimated the size of it and clearly need a bigger rug :(  They aren't cheap!  We also need a buffet table, bar stools, blinds, and valances.  

This rug is a 5 X 7 I think.. we definitely need it to be bigger.  Looks kind of funny but maybe it will work.. still debating.

Here is what our family room looks like....


Here is what the front room looks like....


You don't even want to see the garage!! haha