Friday, May 31, 2013

More progress and some more "wth" concerns..

eh, I'll get right to the good stuff!  Although we went around 8:45 so either the camera or the photographer sucked ;)

When we pulled up we saw a driveway!!  Yay!

Then we walked up to the door and found that it was locked :( BUMMER!!  So we tried this...

and it worked!!  All the doors were locked however, the window was not ;)  I decided to take a picture once I made it inside..  I hope no one saw me tumbling through the window head first HAHA.  P.S... I promise it was 9 at night!  I'm not sure why it looks so light out because it definitely wasn't. 

Once inside I realized hardwoods were in!!

as well as our dusty countertops!!!  We chose "tan brown"

and then we got to some "wth" moments.. sometimes I wonder if they try to be as sloppy as possible.. I've already talked about stain being everywhere.. but also this kind of stuff..

There were seriously holes around almost every single switch and/or light fixture!  I stopped taking pictures it was so ridiculous..  

I believe I mentioned in a previous post that they put the drywall up before they put our cablejacks in the correct place.. the best they would do was patch it so we let it go; however, they STILL haven't been patched.. meanwhile they've already put down at least 4 coats of paint so now the patched walls will stick out even more.. Anyway, end rant.  I'm sure it will all be fixed.. I just think these are CARELESS mistakes that could've EASILY been prevented..

Overall I am still happy...

Oh, I meant to post this in a previous post.  I was standing in the shower to look out the window and this was my view..

CRAZY right??    ok.. just playing!  This was our actual view..

horses :)  Sometimes it's cows.. I suppose it depends on the day!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rate locked and progress pictures..

I must apologize for being so terrible at posting.  My first year teaching is nearing an end and things have just been super busy!  We finally locked our rate today.. Not the happiest about it but what can I do?  We were told three weeks ago we were good to lock.. we messaged our NVR lady asking how we go about getting rate quotes and she informed us that she would email us rates daily by 11 a.m. and that we would need to make a decision by 4 p.m.  Anyway, that happened the first week and that was it!  The second week she was MIA!  No answer/returned phone calls, no responses to emails, nothing for a week!  When we finally got a hold of her she explained that she had a family emergency.  I felt bad but on the other hand, shouldn't there be someone who takes her calls when she's not available??  Anyway, even after she returned from her emergency communication still SUCKED and then this week came.  Well, if anyone else has been checking rates this week you would know that they went up and are expected to continue going up.  Because of this we decided to just go ahead and lock.. I'm not too happy with our loan officer with NVR.. If I get to rate her she will get zero stars!  We wanted to lock earlier on but heard NOTHING.  

End rant.

Enough of that, here are progress pictures :)

 Our morning room
Standing in the family room looking toward the front of the house
 Master tub and shower

 Drywall (morning room)
 Railings - not stained yet
 Standing in the loft - a.k.a what my step daughter calls her own living room ;)
 Cabinets are in!
 Siding is done!
 Tile work in the master bath!
 If you look to the left of the shower you will see a line in the wall.. it was as if they took the saw and cut the tile while it was on the wall and slit the wall.. where I know pipes are behind.  I just wish they could ATTEMPT to do things neatly....
 They were in the process of putting in the sidewalk/steps on Friday!
 Foo is excited for her new house :)
Railings are stained!  Hoping a 2nd coat goes on.. also hoping they will be neater when they put it on! It's all over the walls, banisters, stairs, everywhere!

Not sure how much will be getting done this week! We will probably wait until Friday or Saturday to visit again.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The part that I was the MOST worried about has begun!

If you refer to an earlier post (our color selections) you would know just how worried I was about choosing Irish Thistle as our siding color.  Well, it started going up today!!  It's not bad so far, I'm just hoping I will like it when it's all done :)  We did not go inside the house because the workers were still there!  We will go back tomorrow with our digital camera and take pictures of the progress.

Here are a few cell phone pictures..

It's been awhile..

Update for this post is at the bottom....

My last post was mostly about the morning room windows looking odd; however, it had been fixed by the time we went to visit again.  Anyway, updates on where we are now:

Two weeks ago we had our pre drywall meeting which went fine.. they had our cable jacks in the wrong places but our PM said it would be fixed before drywall went up and he spray painted a big MOVE next to it and then spray painted a big "Goes Here" where it needed to be moved to.  Insulation was in by Friday and drywall went up on Saturday.  We decided to go visit the house on Saturday and what do you know, the cable jacks weren't moved!  Annoying!  We contacted our PM right away and he apologized and said it was supposed to be done on Friday and that it would get fixed.  

He emailed my husband yesterday asking for him to mark on a plan where we would like them and to scan it to him.  When my husband told me this, I immediately questioned whether they were just patching the drywall or if they would replace that drywall.. because if they were replacing the drywall our PM wouldn't need us to tell him where we wanted them because HE marked it with spray paint..

I'm sorry if I am being picky but I don't want to buy a brand new house with the drywall already patched.. If it's a little ding somewhere then that's fine, but a cable jack cut out isn't that small.. I want the drywall replaced!  Be honest, is that a crazy request?  I almost want to ask our PM, would you like to buy a NEW car with dents in it? .. okay, maybe that's not the best comparison but still!

I've been terrible at posting and taking pictures.. I promise to post pictures next time!  This is the most recent picture that I've taken and it was with my cell phone.


Okay, so my husband emailed our PM about the patching/replacing of the drywall and this was his response:

So, it doesn't look like we have a choice.. :(  I feel as if we deserve the two new drywall panels!!!