Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Contract Confusion

On top of receiving news that we owe $1400 in taxes (YUCK), we received a phone call today from our SR informing us that he is having trouble getting our contract approved because apparently they are selling more homes than originally anticipated or something.  To make a long story short, they are "taking back" some of their incentives because of this.. WHAT...??????????  How is this even possible or right?  My husband asked for all of this in writing and wanted to talk to our realtor to get more information.  It makes me weary to even continue this process with Ryan Homes.   From reading other RH blogs, our incentives were comparable or seemed almost standard.  Needless to say, it's been a bad week for news. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our meeting with NVR...

We met with our loan officer today for what seemed like five hours but in reality it was only two.  We figured out which loan would be best for us and we're happy with the numbers she came back with!  We thought we brought ALL the documents that we needed but of course she created a new list of things for us to gather... luckily they are all things that will be easy to locate and scan.  She did make us aware of the fact that it would likely be 35 to 40 days before we hear anything from her.  

I thought I'd hate this meeting more than I did but overall I feel relieved! :-) 

Up next, meeting with CTI and Gaurdian.

Monday, February 18, 2013

NVR Documents

We just set up an appointment with NVR for Wednesday.  She emailed us a list of all the documents required to apply for the loan.. the list is outrageous and it almost seems impossible to gather all of these items by Wednesday, or at all...  What were your experiences like with NVR?  Did you actually need your past two years of taxes, and ALL of the other 25 items on the list?  

We're really starting to consider just going with our other mortgage approval.. but that would mean putting down a lower down payment and paying for the morning room out of pocket.  The morning room is currently an incentive for using Ryan Homes mortgage company.. hmm.

Building a florence.. The beginning of our journey!

After reading a lot of other Ryan Homes blogs, I have decided to create one of my own to share the process of this journey we are about to endure! 

We visited Ryan Homes three times and stayed a minimum of FOUR hours each visit before deciding to go this route!  We felt better and better each time we left knowing that this was the best decision for us.  

My husband takes on change like it's nothing.  Me on the other hand,  I feel sick, nervous, anxious, and just flat out uncomfortable!  That probably explains the multiple visits to the area for four hours at a time.  Each time we left I would always ask the same question ten different ways.  Do you think this is the right decision?  Is this a good choice we're going to be making?  Do you think the lot is good?  Are you sure you want to do this?  I'm sure he wanted to pull the car over and tell me to walk the rest of the way home (I'm only kidding, he would never do that).  In the end, I knew that if Neil was on board to do this, then it probably was the best decision for us.  Although I hate to admit it, his instinct is usually right.. no matter how many times I try to question it.

So here we are, we signed our purchase agreement yesterday and our fabulous sales rep handed us a SOLD sticker to go put on our lot.  Neil gladly accepted the sticker and jokingly announced that he thought it was to put on his car.  We drove to our lot, put the sticker on, and posed for a picture.  As you can probably tell in the picture above, it was freezing AND windy but I adore this picture anyway because it symbolizes the start to our new journey.