Thursday, April 25, 2013

Update on missing window and another concern!

We emailed both our SR and PM about our concern with what appeared to be a missing window in the master bedroom.  Our PM emailed us back and said that he would confirm all windows once the roof was finished.  Our SR called my husband today and said according to his records we did not choose that window as an option and only chose the side loft window as an option.. My husband explained that we didn't choose the side window in the master bedroom because we were told that there would be a double window on one side of where we would put our bed and another window on the opposite side.. well then he came back and said with the morning room as a chosen option that it's actually only a double window and then we would automatically get the window on the side..

Needless to say, during the pre-construction meeting it was noted,discussed, and signed that we would be getting (not buying) the side window so we never thought to confirm that..

Anyway, PM emailed us tonight and said that he put in an order for the window and that it will be in next week.  So now this is our next question/concern but I'm hesitant to email our PM about it (I don't want to seem like a pest)... but is this how they build morning rooms???  Take a look at the pictures and tell me if this looks normal.

Do you see what I am talking about?  Why does it look like that is going to be a door and not a 3rd window in the morning room??  I'm hoping they are just cutting more wood and putting it at the bottom and framing it for a window.. it just looks completely different and why would they do it that way?

Closer shot of it

This is supposed to be our double door.. it almost looks to high up to be that though..? 

View of the morning room from the outside...

So weird!!!  Anyone have any advice?  Should we wait to see if its just their way of building or should we email PM right away?

Anyway, here are just a couple progress photos..  I didn't take too many because I was so distracted with the morning room.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Framing finally started! Day 20 & 21

We ran into our SR yesterday and he apologized that the workers never showed up on Saturday.  When we drove by the house yesterday (about 7p.m.) the workers were still there.  Felt weird being there with workers, so I didn't take many pictures.

Framing day 1:

Framing Day 2:

The workers weren't there when we drove by tonight so we were a little more snoopy when taking pictures and looking around.  We should have a roof tomorrow :) My only concern so far is that it doesn't look like they  are putting in the side window in the master bedroom that should be there..  We're emailing our PM about that now.. maybe they didn't have time to cut it out the wood or set it up?  They did not cut out all the morning room windows either but we could tell that they had set the framing up to cut it out, unlike the master bedroom side window. 

  Our neighbors house (They are building a venice)

 And this is the house I get to look out my window everyday and be envious of :(  This is the elevation I reeeallly wanted!  Like I side, we can't have it all and we were more concerned about the inside verses the outside.  We're still young and this wont be our last house, I'm sure... but I sure do love it!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 18.. Warning this is a boring rant

 Originally our PM said framing would begin on Monday (4/15) but then sent another email later on saying that it would actually begin that Wednesday (4/17).  We were excited to drive out there Wednesday to see the progress that had been made... what we actually saw was NOTHING.  Well, we did see our pile of wood that hadn't been touched.  The weather had been fine all week so I'm not sure why we were told it would get started when in reality nothing had been done..

We decided to email our PM on Thursday before taking another wasted trip out there (we live 30 minutes away) and he responded by saying framing would begin Friday or Saturday morning.  We decided to wait until Saturday to visit our lot to ensure that we would see that something had been done.

Guess what?  Nothing had been done!!!  I understand that things come up but it would be respectful to send an email or some kind of update saying "sorry we couldn't get to it this week" if a date had previously been given.  It's just aggravating because it doesn't look like they have been doing anything to any of the houses around.. so what were they doing?  

Our projected closing date keeps getting pushed back further and further.  When we first signed the purchase agreement we were given an end of May expectant date; however, things got pushed back 3 weeks because RH took 3 weeks to ratify a contract that they had originally agreed on.  The new expectant date that was given was June 20th... I do not see how that is going to happen. 

I doubt they work on Sundays.. which is fine with me because I think everyone should have Sundays off.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 8 pictures

These are a few pictures our PM sent us today.  He also mentioned framing would begin on Wednesday.  Originally he had said Monday but oh well.  I'm still happy :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Framing is scheduled to begin on Monday!!

We stopped by our lot today and saw that pipes are set up and the foundation is waterproofed.  I was curious what the next step was so I decided to email our PM.  He got back to me almost immediately and let me know that framing should begin by Monday!!  That's less than two weeks since they started digging. SUPER exciting!  We're going to attempt to not drive by our lot until Monday or Tuesday afternoon.  

On a side note, our lot is on a "circle" and I noticed that the house at the opposite side of the circle is also a florence.. except they have the elevation I wish we got! I hope I don't look out my window everyday and think "why didn't I get that..."  We ended up getting the standard elevation (B) so that we could put more money inside our home.  I know I'll be happy no matter what :-)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

We have basement walls!

Yep, gave in and checked out our lot today!  Our basement walls are up :)

Wonder how long it will take before it looks like more progress has been made.  I imagine it will take some time to pour the flooring, etc.  We shall see!

The hole has been dug..!!

Things officially got started on Wednesday, April 3rd!  Of course we drove by our house to take pictures.  Our PM is great and sends us updates too (almost daily)! 

This is what things looked like Wednesday afternoon...

We received an email from our PM Wednesday evening with some more pictures and information that they would have the footers formed and poured on Thursday and the walls set on Friday if the rain held off.. which it did! We currently live 30 minutes away from where we are building so we're trying to limit visiting our lot to once a week buttttt that's hard so we will probably go check things out once my husband gets off work :)  Or we might actually wait until Wednesday so that we can be surprised at the progress (if that makes any sense).

We also got word that we were approved for our loan with the condition that we send in updated pay stubs.. The contract used words like "floating" and we want to know what that means.. hopefully it just means we haven't locked in our rate and not that our loan type is that when interest rates change so will our payments.  Anyway, we want to have confirmation on what that means before we sign.  

I'm still worried about my outside color choices.. I just don't want a light green color.. I don't know.. I don't want to stress about it though.  I'm the type of person that thinks "things happen the way they do for a reason" so I believe that I initially chose that color  for a reason and it will all work out.

Happy news all around!!!