Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We ARE closing tomorrow and a heads up

Final word, we WILL be closing tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. WOOHOO!!!

Also, I was looking at our appraisal and realized something.. If we went with another lender (like we were about to because NVR was driving us crazy) our house would have appraised for LESS than what the house would cost us if we didn't have the incentives.  We asked the outside lender what would've happened and she said we would have to pay the difference out of pocket at closing.  This is just a heads up for those that went with an outside lender.  Obviously all lenders handle things differently but it's good to ask what would happen if this was your case!

Possibility of not closing on Wednesday, um WHAT!?!?!

How about I received this email ONE day before closing...  I also just realized I took a snapshot of the email at 11:11

I immediately sent an email to Kay and got an automated response saying "I will be out of the office until June 27th."  I just don't understand this.  Every encounter I've had with her has not been very positive since day 1.  The very first time we had an appointment (months ago) my husband and I showed up to two office ladies confused as to why we were there because Kay was in meetings all day at another location.  We decided to sit around because we knew she had to be coming soon or she wouldn't of scheduled an appointment.. well thirty minutes later she called and the ladies told her we were there.. she apologized and then arrived about an hour later.  Of course I was frustrated.. had a headache from working all day and being stuck in traffic to get there.  Once we met with her she was very nice and so all my negative feelings went away.  

Next, when it came time to locking our rate we asked how we went about getting the rates and she responded letting us know that she would send them to us daily by 11:00 a.m. and that we would need to make a decision by 4:00.  She stopped sending rates and we emailed, called, etc. and then found out that she had a family emergency and wasn't around.. there was no one to take her place.  She apologized and I felt bad that she had an emergency but assumed that when she got back the rates would start coming daily again.. NOPE!!  She was back in her office and we still couldn't get a hold of her.  This was during the time when rates suddenly started going up daily!!  We finally locked our rates even though we didn't like what we locked because they were continuing to go up as the days passed.. So I blame her for our higher rate..  I say higher because it is higher from when we first started talking.  I tried to be a positive person but this was very frustrating to me..

and now this..... This has been scheduled for two months and we might not lock because she is out of office!!  Our house is done.. our loan is approved.. we're just missing one person and we might not close!?!  Am I reading this wrong?  If we're missing something we haven't been informed because the last we heard we were set to close..Can't you tell how frustrated I am?? and to find out ONE day before closing and not even from her.. not professional at all.

I will be sure to send an update if we are able to close.. SO UPSET! The girl who sent this email has been friendly.. she's been helpful, etc so I feel bad that she got somewhat of a frustrated email from me.. I wasn't meaning to sound angry at her because I'm not... just angry about the situation.  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Final Walk-Through Complete!!

Our final walk-through took about 3 hours!  Our PM made us feel "at home" which is a good thing being as it is our home ;)  The first thing we did was walk around the entire house listening to him talk about everything.  It wasn't to the point where it was new information overload but I could see how some people would think that.  He did an excellent job explaining everything and offering advice in a way that is understandable.  After that we walked around with the blue tape!  We were all catching things that others didn't see.  Our PM probably marked more than we did!  They were all minor issues for the most part and we are still set to close on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.. WOOHOO!!!

Anyway, I'm always so involved with communication I'm terrible at taking pictures.  I'll post some pictures over the past few days of visiting our house.

By the way, yesterday was our 1 year anniversary :)  I had a fabulous day!  June has definitely been a busy month for us.

Now for pictures of the house!  I totally failed and didn't even take a picture of the front of the house.

 Standing at the bottom of our slope.  It's clearly still a slope but it's not steep like it was before!
 Blackberries in our backyard!

 We have a big side yard!  Our backyard doesn't go very far back but we have quite a bit of property to the side of our house.

The pictures below aren't in any particular order and this is where you'll see I took y'alls advice about being nit picky.  This is why you'll see blue tape EVERYWHERE! haha.  Most of it is just areas that need cleaned up. 

I posted awhile back about being concerned about what is going on behind our house because NOTHING is supposed to be back there.. well this is what it looks like today.. Our PM told us today that he THINKS it's will be a storage drain/pond but he isn't certain. 

TWO days and this is officially ours :-)  I couldn't be more excited/nervous.  I am terrible at dealing with change.  I think I have attachment issues. This is an exciting change so it shouldn't be too difficult for me.  I will miss our current house.  If you saw it you would ask me why though haha. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Final Walk-Through is TOMORROW!!

I don't know why I am so nervous about it!! 

I do have to say, Our PM is pretty good and easy to talk with.  He listened to us about not being happy with our yard and did the best he could with their regulations and the land itself.. so we are pleased with that!!

Anyway, wish us luck tomorrow :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Closing question

Our pre settlement date is June 24th and settlement date is the 26th according to our PM.  We ran into him at the grocery store and he mentioned again that we would do our walk through and everything on the 24th.. so are we supposed to be hearing something from NVR about closing or when will we get this information?  Their communication has SUCKED and I don't want to delay getting into our house because a date/time hasn't been set up...I suppose we should contact her?  

What is the norm?  This was the email from our PM awhile ago:

I have your pre settlement for June 24th.  As far as your settlement I am seeing your settlement on the 26 at 11am.  Rob can you confirm that? Thanks Sean

UPDATE:  My husband just read this and decided to show me a letter that was mailed to our house with all this information.  Great communication, right ? ;) lol 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our lot and the dreadful "slope"

There was a steep slope when we bought our lot.  We loved everything about our lot with the exception of that slope.  Before we signed our purchase agreement we were told that the slope would not be there so we signed..  Throughout the entire process of house building we have been watching the slope and wondering when it would disappear.   A week ago I decided to email our PM and ask if the yard was done or if there was more work to be done because of the promise our SR made regarding the slope.  His response let me know that they were done grading our lot and that they were ready to put sod down.  This upset me because I realized then that the slope was there to stay.  He did set up a meeting to talk about my concerns.  That meeting took place today.  

Our PM is very nice and he is trying to accommodate us but it doesn't sound too promising.  He is going to try and take some dirt away and attempt to level it out some more but like I said none of it seemed promising.  I feel as if our backyard will be useless!! I'm hoping I'm wrong :(  

Another concern is that it looks like they are setting up to build behind our house :(  We bought our lot because this is what the site map looked like.  We're lot 48.  We did not think we would be bothered with houses going up behind us.  I emailed our PM about this but he said he knew they were starting phase 4 but hadn't seen a map of it... his response kind of confused me being as he is the PM... You'd think he would know what was going on in a neighborhood that he is building!

Anyway, our PM told us to come back out over the weekend and let him know what we think about the slope but to keep in mind it wont completely disappear.  I will post an update then.  For now you can look at a few progress pictures :)