Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our meeting with NVR...

We met with our loan officer today for what seemed like five hours but in reality it was only two.  We figured out which loan would be best for us and we're happy with the numbers she came back with!  We thought we brought ALL the documents that we needed but of course she created a new list of things for us to gather... luckily they are all things that will be easy to locate and scan.  She did make us aware of the fact that it would likely be 35 to 40 days before we hear anything from her.  

I thought I'd hate this meeting more than I did but overall I feel relieved! :-) 

Up next, meeting with CTI and Gaurdian.


  1. Make sure you keep all of the documents that you've sent to NVR handy. Chances are they'll be asking for some of them multiple times. Something always seems to get lost in the shuffle!

  2. I second what M said - I took the same advice and it really came in handy when I had to send a document for a third time. Other than that, glad that part of the process is done with and now you can move on to the "fun" stuff!