Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Well, It's happening.  They are "taking back" the $5,000 at closing that we originally signed on.  Our SR is fabulous and is doing the best he can to "fix it" though.  He gave us three options which were:

1. wait to ratify the contract until flooring and wiring upgrades...apparently it may fix everything and we wouldn't need to change anything.  Still not quite understanding this option though.

2. Lower the sales price by 5K and not take the 5K at closing.. which we need.

3. Do the financing through our outside mortgage company who came back with better numbers monthly and at closing than NVR and we still get all the other incentives such as the morning room, granite, and hardwood floors, etc. 

Obviously, the third option is what we want but the third option is also the last option that RH will most likely approve.  Our SR said he would have to go to bat to have them settle outside of NVR..  We met with our SR yesterday to compare NVR's numbers and our outside mortgage companies numbers and he kept saying that they were too close in comparison so that it wouldn't get approved.. until my husband explained to him that the numbers he was looking at included the 5K in closing that they WERE going to give us.. so in the end the different was 10K at closing.. which is SUBSTANTIAL (at least to middle income families -- like us).  He was going to get back with NVR's loan officer and they were going to try and work something out, if they can't then our SR is going to fight for us to keep the incentives and use our outside mortgage company.  I'm still not going to get my hopes up for this though.. 

After discussing that mess, we went ahead and chose our exterior colors.  We chose:

Siding: Irish Thistle 
 border: White (can't remember appropriate jargon for the border)
Shutters: Black
Door: Marooned
Brick: As shown, I can't remember the name

We're hoping the colors are the same as this house:

I'm really nervous about the Irish Thistle color!  I'm hoping it turns out dark like this.. It's just hard to compare it when your looking at a small color swatch. I'm fine if it turns out to be a gray color but I do NOT want it looking tan or white.. I want the darker gray / green.  Extremely nervous about this!

Do any of you know any bloggers who chose this color?  It would be awesome to see another house with the same siding color.


  1. Isz Wisz from Another Rome has Irish Thistle with black shutters with pics. We are also doing Irish thistle, but are just breaking ground. Its not a very dark color, but definitely green and not tanish. I love it and hope you end up loving it too!

  2. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of that blog! I do love the color :)

    Off topic, I clicked on your name and saw you were from Chesterfield.. I grew up in Powhatan and just moved to Northern VA two years ago. I still go back home every weekend because I miss it so much!

  3. My hubby was born here and I moved here from Rochester NY when I was 3. We spent 1yr in Rochester after we got married, but I think we will live here forever. I can imagine you miss it. Northern VA is pretty crazy. I used to commute to DC for work all the time and don't miss that one bit. Looking forward to following your progress!

  4. That's awful - sorry to hear you are going through this and it's terrible Ryan could even do that. Of the options, #3 is the best so definietly push for that. Yes, $5,000 is a HUGE difference to anyone. Have your SR earn his commission and get Ryan management to do the right thing, you all deserve at least that.

    As to your color choices - they're great. I think I've seen Irish Thistle in person and like Erin said it's not dark but definietly not tan. I think it looks great with black shutters. The brick you've picked is a nice dark compliment to it.

  5. we are building a florence too, construction starts next week! can't wait! love your siding choices! we went with a graphite gray with black shutter. Looking forward to seeing your home's progress! Here's a link to my blog!

  6. Hey i am doing a blog too. we chose the exact same colors except for the brick, we chose the autumn buckeye and we are in the process of building now. check out my blog!

  7. “I'm really nervous about the Irish Thistle color!” – Choosing a color for the house could be challenging, particularly with the siding, which covers most of the house's exterior. But looking at your house now, it turned out lovely. Good thing you followed your instincts!

    Nelson @ Royal Roofing & Siding

  8. This process has been extremely overwhelming. If I had an option to again select this process I would decline. It is my opinion that to select a home from swatches and samples is more difficult than it appears.