Sunday, October 13, 2013

Guilty of not posting.. Scared of mold or house fire!

I must admit, I "abandoned" the blog :(  To be honest, it's because my house is still a MESS! I have enjoyed living here but I have not enjoyed the laziness of our new PM.

We had our 30 day inspection like 3 months ago.. nothing got done on our 30 day inspection list!  We still have blue tape on our wood floors that are supposed to be getting replaced... UMM It has been 3 months, why aren't they replaced??  We have sent emails reminding them and we still haven't heard anything.  Our front door is supposed to be repainted..when?  Still hasn't been done.  I'm sure there are other things but I can't think of them right now.  

My biggest WTF moment is the fact that water is somehow getting into the walls and is dripping down from one of our outlets.  WHY and how could this be happening??  We called the emergency line the first time we noticed it.. they came out and "fixed" the problem.  Guess what has returned?? Yep!  Water dripping from out outlets.  Mold concerns me but you know what really concerns me?  A house fire!!!!  So off to call the emergency line again.. I should probably just skip their crappy workers and call in someone else who actually knows what they're doing though.  

Has anyone else experienced this?  Or could anyone give me any explanation as to how/why this is happening? 

This is where it is happening.  Right by our front door.  If you look closely you can see how it is dripping from the switches all the way to the floor.  It's definitely noticeable in person but hard to see through a camera.  This scares me :( :(

Anyway, here are some other pictures I've taken.. I didn't clean up for them so excuse the mess ;)


  1. The location of the water dripping is odd... there really isn't much above that area in the Florence since that's the loft/bedroom/hallway area. Do you have the whole house sprinkler system? That might be a possibility... or maybe a leak where the porch meets the house?

    If I were you I would become the squeaky wheel about the leak and the 30 day repairs not being fixed... call them, e-mail them... every freaking day, several times a day if necessary! Be sure to stress your safety concerns... I seriously doubt they want anything dangerous to happen that could be traced back to poor workmanship on their part.

    Oh and if you are sending e-mails and you aren't getting a response you might want to check with the SR for your neighborhood to make sure there hasn't been a swap in personnel. We were e-mailing the heck out of your SR during our build... and then a week or so later found out she'd quit. No one from RH contacted us to let us know... who knows how long it would have gone had we not stopped by the model to figure out why the heck we weren't getting a response.

    The house looks great so far. I love your rugs!

    Good luck getting the leak and other issues fixed!

  2. I totally agree with M. Call, email, etc. daily. I have also seen people on RH's Facebook page comment that they can't get any resolution and the moderators contact the service people to address the complaints. That is completely unacceptable. For as much crap as we've put up with in our house, we've always had a quick response from the service department. It is completely unacceptable that you are dealing with this water issue and getting no response regarding service. Hope they get this fixed for you very soon!

  3. WOW! WTH!!!! I can't begin to imagine the heck is going on there--it looks so scary. You may have to show up in person to the office and raise cane. The email, phone calls don't seem to be working. I really like your color paint choice and decor--it's so inviting. What color is the gray and who makes it? Thanks for sharing for us and letting us know you are still here. Will keep you lifted up that they get on this immediately. RAISE CANE!

  4. Our PM has always addressed our issues very quickly, and we have had quite the leak as well in our morning room. It turned out to be a roof issue, so maybe you have an issue at the top of the house that is running down the wall. I would be calling, the model, just raise heck until someone comes and do not let them leave until you feel it's been resolved. They have come about 5 times over my leak, each time fixing different suspect areas but this past time I made them go in the access panel in our bedroom and go actually look and they saw right where it was entering the house and redid all the roofing and siding in that area. Good luck! the house looks great, I love all your colors!