Friday, May 31, 2013

More progress and some more "wth" concerns..

eh, I'll get right to the good stuff!  Although we went around 8:45 so either the camera or the photographer sucked ;)

When we pulled up we saw a driveway!!  Yay!

Then we walked up to the door and found that it was locked :( BUMMER!!  So we tried this...

and it worked!!  All the doors were locked however, the window was not ;)  I decided to take a picture once I made it inside..  I hope no one saw me tumbling through the window head first HAHA.  P.S... I promise it was 9 at night!  I'm not sure why it looks so light out because it definitely wasn't. 

Once inside I realized hardwoods were in!!

as well as our dusty countertops!!!  We chose "tan brown"

and then we got to some "wth" moments.. sometimes I wonder if they try to be as sloppy as possible.. I've already talked about stain being everywhere.. but also this kind of stuff..

There were seriously holes around almost every single switch and/or light fixture!  I stopped taking pictures it was so ridiculous..  

I believe I mentioned in a previous post that they put the drywall up before they put our cablejacks in the correct place.. the best they would do was patch it so we let it go; however, they STILL haven't been patched.. meanwhile they've already put down at least 4 coats of paint so now the patched walls will stick out even more.. Anyway, end rant.  I'm sure it will all be fixed.. I just think these are CARELESS mistakes that could've EASILY been prevented..

Overall I am still happy...

Oh, I meant to post this in a previous post.  I was standing in the shower to look out the window and this was my view..

CRAZY right??    ok.. just playing!  This was our actual view..

horses :)  Sometimes it's cows.. I suppose it depends on the day!


  1. Leslie I love your second combo it looks very rich! My neighbor has it and it really brings forth a pleasant kitchen atmosphere ! Btw--it's going to be messy and eventually the cleaning will come out at least twice . We were really upset when they took the covering off the hard floors because everyone kept trampling on them the explaination our PM gave was that he had to have the removed to inspect the wood so don't be alarmed when when they take yours up. Lastly, i would have also climbed through the windiws with my husband watching in sheet terror. Lol

  2. We had a lot of spots around the sprinkler heads and light switches that needed to be repaired. They'd make it so much easier on themselves if they would do it right the first time!

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  4. Look great! I love the colors!