Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's been awhile..

Update for this post is at the bottom....

My last post was mostly about the morning room windows looking odd; however, it had been fixed by the time we went to visit again.  Anyway, updates on where we are now:

Two weeks ago we had our pre drywall meeting which went fine.. they had our cable jacks in the wrong places but our PM said it would be fixed before drywall went up and he spray painted a big MOVE next to it and then spray painted a big "Goes Here" where it needed to be moved to.  Insulation was in by Friday and drywall went up on Saturday.  We decided to go visit the house on Saturday and what do you know, the cable jacks weren't moved!  Annoying!  We contacted our PM right away and he apologized and said it was supposed to be done on Friday and that it would get fixed.  

He emailed my husband yesterday asking for him to mark on a plan where we would like them and to scan it to him.  When my husband told me this, I immediately questioned whether they were just patching the drywall or if they would replace that drywall.. because if they were replacing the drywall our PM wouldn't need us to tell him where we wanted them because HE marked it with spray paint..

I'm sorry if I am being picky but I don't want to buy a brand new house with the drywall already patched.. If it's a little ding somewhere then that's fine, but a cable jack cut out isn't that small.. I want the drywall replaced!  Be honest, is that a crazy request?  I almost want to ask our PM, would you like to buy a NEW car with dents in it? .. okay, maybe that's not the best comparison but still!

I've been terrible at posting and taking pictures.. I promise to post pictures next time!  This is the most recent picture that I've taken and it was with my cell phone.


Okay, so my husband emailed our PM about the patching/replacing of the drywall and this was his response:

So, it doesn't look like we have a choice.. :(  I feel as if we deserve the two new drywall panels!!!

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  1. Brick and garage door look nice! Good thing you followed up on the cable jacks (it might have been another thing that slipped through with everyone relying on someone else to take care of it).