Thursday, April 25, 2013

Update on missing window and another concern!

We emailed both our SR and PM about our concern with what appeared to be a missing window in the master bedroom.  Our PM emailed us back and said that he would confirm all windows once the roof was finished.  Our SR called my husband today and said according to his records we did not choose that window as an option and only chose the side loft window as an option.. My husband explained that we didn't choose the side window in the master bedroom because we were told that there would be a double window on one side of where we would put our bed and another window on the opposite side.. well then he came back and said with the morning room as a chosen option that it's actually only a double window and then we would automatically get the window on the side..

Needless to say, during the pre-construction meeting it was noted,discussed, and signed that we would be getting (not buying) the side window so we never thought to confirm that..

Anyway, PM emailed us tonight and said that he put in an order for the window and that it will be in next week.  So now this is our next question/concern but I'm hesitant to email our PM about it (I don't want to seem like a pest)... but is this how they build morning rooms???  Take a look at the pictures and tell me if this looks normal.

Do you see what I am talking about?  Why does it look like that is going to be a door and not a 3rd window in the morning room??  I'm hoping they are just cutting more wood and putting it at the bottom and framing it for a window.. it just looks completely different and why would they do it that way?

Closer shot of it

This is supposed to be our double door.. it almost looks to high up to be that though..? 

View of the morning room from the outside...

So weird!!!  Anyone have any advice?  Should we wait to see if its just their way of building or should we email PM right away?

Anyway, here are just a couple progress photos..  I didn't take too many because I was so distracted with the morning room.


  1. This is strange. I have seen pictures of the Florence morning room having two large windows. These would be the one that is on the most right and the most left. There would be no center window. This would be one of those really nice floor to ceiling windows. Here is a link that I saw:

    The other pictures of the morning room that I found look more like what they started with the two smaller windows. This would be three small windows in the current positions that you have them here, but it would not include one large floor to ceiling window that you have. Here is a link for that photo:

    Do you think they may have gotten the blueprints for the two different designs and just messed it up? I hope not!!!

  2. That is really bizarre! I hope you figure this out soon.

  3. It definitely looks like 2 doors frame cutouts (single and double-wide) in your morning room. The single looks about as wide as the windows, so it should be an easy fix. I'd bring it up with the PM right away since you have contractors onsite who could be fairly independent (and wouldn't question why you'd have 2 doors).

  4. Back in the day I would have trusted they knew what they were doing...BUT being in my home 90 days only to FINALLY FINALLY realize they forgot our transom window...........ahhh, I would bother them!! they do stupid stuff alllll the time!! Be a pest!

  5. When they framed our morning room we had window cutouts for the left and right window, but they had to cut out the middle window. Ours didn't look anything like yours... so if it was my house I'd be asking about it.

    You can see what I'm talking about in the last picture of this post:

    And this post shows what it looked like once the windows were installed...

  6. Did you ever hear anything back on your window cut out? That is very interesting. When we get to this point I am going to watch for this...

    1. It was fixed the next time we went to visit :)

  7. Hey Leslie, Just joined your blog...

    Sorry to learn about the window issues.... but like what other mentioned, I wouldn't hold back any doubts!! Hope your PM straightened this out for you... Do update us!!

    All the very best!!

    S and P