Sunday, April 7, 2013

The hole has been dug..!!

Things officially got started on Wednesday, April 3rd!  Of course we drove by our house to take pictures.  Our PM is great and sends us updates too (almost daily)! 

This is what things looked like Wednesday afternoon...

We received an email from our PM Wednesday evening with some more pictures and information that they would have the footers formed and poured on Thursday and the walls set on Friday if the rain held off.. which it did! We currently live 30 minutes away from where we are building so we're trying to limit visiting our lot to once a week buttttt that's hard so we will probably go check things out once my husband gets off work :)  Or we might actually wait until Wednesday so that we can be surprised at the progress (if that makes any sense).

We also got word that we were approved for our loan with the condition that we send in updated pay stubs.. The contract used words like "floating" and we want to know what that means.. hopefully it just means we haven't locked in our rate and not that our loan type is that when interest rates change so will our payments.  Anyway, we want to have confirmation on what that means before we sign.  

I'm still worried about my outside color choices.. I just don't want a light green color.. I don't know.. I don't want to stress about it though.  I'm the type of person that thinks "things happen the way they do for a reason" so I believe that I initially chose that color  for a reason and it will all work out.

Happy news all around!!!


  1. What a beautiful lot! This should really start to get going now.

  2. You and me are different, I was trying to change to a light green! lol

    1. I should just say green. I have the light green but wanted a different shade.