Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Framing is scheduled to begin on Monday!!

We stopped by our lot today and saw that pipes are set up and the foundation is waterproofed.  I was curious what the next step was so I decided to email our PM.  He got back to me almost immediately and let me know that framing should begin by Monday!!  That's less than two weeks since they started digging. SUPER exciting!  We're going to attempt to not drive by our lot until Monday or Tuesday afternoon.  

On a side note, our lot is on a "circle" and I noticed that the house at the opposite side of the circle is also a florence.. except they have the elevation I wish we got! I hope I don't look out my window everyday and think "why didn't I get that..."  We ended up getting the standard elevation (B) so that we could put more money inside our home.  I know I'll be happy no matter what :-)


  1. Awesome!! We also went with elevation B, I just couldn't see spending money on the outside when I was tortured over what I wanted on the inside...we originally went with elevation B with stone but the stone had to go when we saw the hardwood we wanted...oh the hardwood...it will be worth it. what kind of elevation did they get? I really like the cottage style.

  2. Wow! You're moving right along!!!


  3. Very exciting, can't wait for pics!

  4. Yes they are moving now!

    I have the same problem with my neighbors getting the elevation I wanted (couldn't have my choice because of the rules about same elevations not being within so many houses of each other). Not going to lie, at this point I still get a little bothered when I think about it (more so the problem is that I had to spend more for an elevation I like much less) but I know in the end when I see my new home all the little worries like elevation will cease to matter :) In your case, you were so right to use the budget on the inside, where it matters way more!!