Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 18.. Warning this is a boring rant

 Originally our PM said framing would begin on Monday (4/15) but then sent another email later on saying that it would actually begin that Wednesday (4/17).  We were excited to drive out there Wednesday to see the progress that had been made... what we actually saw was NOTHING.  Well, we did see our pile of wood that hadn't been touched.  The weather had been fine all week so I'm not sure why we were told it would get started when in reality nothing had been done..

We decided to email our PM on Thursday before taking another wasted trip out there (we live 30 minutes away) and he responded by saying framing would begin Friday or Saturday morning.  We decided to wait until Saturday to visit our lot to ensure that we would see that something had been done.

Guess what?  Nothing had been done!!!  I understand that things come up but it would be respectful to send an email or some kind of update saying "sorry we couldn't get to it this week" if a date had previously been given.  It's just aggravating because it doesn't look like they have been doing anything to any of the houses around.. so what were they doing?  

Our projected closing date keeps getting pushed back further and further.  When we first signed the purchase agreement we were given an end of May expectant date; however, things got pushed back 3 weeks because RH took 3 weeks to ratify a contract that they had originally agreed on.  The new expectant date that was given was June 20th... I do not see how that is going to happen. 

I doubt they work on Sundays.. which is fine with me because I think everyone should have Sundays off.


  1. This is sad news. I hope that they get started soon. Are there many other homes being built in your neighborhood? Has there been any reasons given for the multiple delays?

    The workers in our neighborhood are never there on Sundays. So, I am sure that may be the case for you too. Yuck! I hope they get to it soon and get your house up and running.

    Good luck!

  2. That is really frustrating and I think it is disappointing when it keeps getting pushed back and no one is proactively reaching out to you. Hoping things get a move on this week!