Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Possibility of not closing on Wednesday, um WHAT!?!?!

How about I received this email ONE day before closing...  I also just realized I took a snapshot of the email at 11:11

I immediately sent an email to Kay and got an automated response saying "I will be out of the office until June 27th."  I just don't understand this.  Every encounter I've had with her has not been very positive since day 1.  The very first time we had an appointment (months ago) my husband and I showed up to two office ladies confused as to why we were there because Kay was in meetings all day at another location.  We decided to sit around because we knew she had to be coming soon or she wouldn't of scheduled an appointment.. well thirty minutes later she called and the ladies told her we were there.. she apologized and then arrived about an hour later.  Of course I was frustrated.. had a headache from working all day and being stuck in traffic to get there.  Once we met with her she was very nice and so all my negative feelings went away.  

Next, when it came time to locking our rate we asked how we went about getting the rates and she responded letting us know that she would send them to us daily by 11:00 a.m. and that we would need to make a decision by 4:00.  She stopped sending rates and we emailed, called, etc. and then found out that she had a family emergency and wasn't around.. there was no one to take her place.  She apologized and I felt bad that she had an emergency but assumed that when she got back the rates would start coming daily again.. NOPE!!  She was back in her office and we still couldn't get a hold of her.  This was during the time when rates suddenly started going up daily!!  We finally locked our rates even though we didn't like what we locked because they were continuing to go up as the days passed.. So I blame her for our higher rate..  I say higher because it is higher from when we first started talking.  I tried to be a positive person but this was very frustrating to me..

and now this..... This has been scheduled for two months and we might not lock because she is out of office!!  Our house is done.. our loan is approved.. we're just missing one person and we might not close!?!  Am I reading this wrong?  If we're missing something we haven't been informed because the last we heard we were set to close..Can't you tell how frustrated I am?? and to find out ONE day before closing and not even from her.. not professional at all.

I will be sure to send an update if we are able to close.. SO UPSET! The girl who sent this email has been friendly.. she's been helpful, etc so I feel bad that she got somewhat of a frustrated email from me.. I wasn't meaning to sound angry at her because I'm not... just angry about the situation.  


  1. I Would be sooo upset. I would send a group email to the SR, PM and NVR contact. Get more than one person working on this!

  2. I hope you work it all out! We just had our pre-construction meeting and our SR mentioned our closing date was the one thing that was pretty much set in stone once it was scheduled.

  3. This is INSANE! I'm so sorry to hear this! I would be as frustrated as you are. We had gone through the same thing with our LO @NVR about receiving the rates daily. We had to call her, email her etc.And then she started sending them.

    I completely agree that if one person it out of office they should have somebody else covering her responsibilities. Specially when she is gone for a week, she should have informed you before and maybe give you some sort of direction, as whom you can work with in her absence. Very unprofessional.
    Hope they realize that and find somebody to make sure you close tomorrow.

    I would talk to her manager and escalate this issue.

  4. Sorry to hear all this; hope it works out for you.

    I get to begin working with my LO next week at the 90 day mark.
    Not looking forward to that.

  5. I'd go to the PM! There is no reason that she would have to be at closing, my SR won't be at ours, she said there is no need for her to be. So for them to hold up closing over her being out of the office is unacceptable!

  6. Did you not lock with NVR? If you didn't then it appears you will lock at closing and that is really terrible if this Kay woman is holding everything up. I just looked at your previous update on May 29th that said you did lock the rate. If you did and you are still delayed then call your loan processor or loan officer or anyone and tell them that closing is delayed. This will give them a chance to extend the lock. We had to do this because of the delays with the gas company. They just said that it was a simple solution of paperwork.