Monday, June 17, 2013

Closing question

Our pre settlement date is June 24th and settlement date is the 26th according to our PM.  We ran into him at the grocery store and he mentioned again that we would do our walk through and everything on the 24th.. so are we supposed to be hearing something from NVR about closing or when will we get this information?  Their communication has SUCKED and I don't want to delay getting into our house because a date/time hasn't been set up...I suppose we should contact her?  

What is the norm?  This was the email from our PM awhile ago:

I have your pre settlement for June 24th.  As far as your settlement I am seeing your settlement on the 26 at 11am.  Rob can you confirm that? Thanks Sean

UPDATE:  My husband just read this and decided to show me a letter that was mailed to our house with all this information.  Great communication, right ? ;) lol 



  1. Wow. We've gotten several paper letters, and multiple emails from NVR and our PM to confirm our 1 p.m. July 5 closing appointment. You should really have had much better communication from NVR. Have you received all your required paperwork yet? There should be lists of what you will need to bring. As I wrote, we are three weeks from closing, and we have to provide all our documents tomorrow ahead of our appointment. Good luck!

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  3. I still haven't heard how much I have to bring to closing in 24 hours. ::Eye roll::

  4. We received all of that information the day we had our pre-drywall meeting. They have even contacted our outside lender and confirmed the times. I would be Calling them and asking for a supervisor!