Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our lot and the dreadful "slope"

There was a steep slope when we bought our lot.  We loved everything about our lot with the exception of that slope.  Before we signed our purchase agreement we were told that the slope would not be there so we signed..  Throughout the entire process of house building we have been watching the slope and wondering when it would disappear.   A week ago I decided to email our PM and ask if the yard was done or if there was more work to be done because of the promise our SR made regarding the slope.  His response let me know that they were done grading our lot and that they were ready to put sod down.  This upset me because I realized then that the slope was there to stay.  He did set up a meeting to talk about my concerns.  That meeting took place today.  

Our PM is very nice and he is trying to accommodate us but it doesn't sound too promising.  He is going to try and take some dirt away and attempt to level it out some more but like I said none of it seemed promising.  I feel as if our backyard will be useless!! I'm hoping I'm wrong :(  

Another concern is that it looks like they are setting up to build behind our house :(  We bought our lot because this is what the site map looked like.  We're lot 48.  We did not think we would be bothered with houses going up behind us.  I emailed our PM about this but he said he knew they were starting phase 4 but hadn't seen a map of it... his response kind of confused me being as he is the PM... You'd think he would know what was going on in a neighborhood that he is building!

Anyway, our PM told us to come back out over the weekend and let him know what we think about the slope but to keep in mind it wont completely disappear.  I will post an update then.  For now you can look at a few progress pictures :)


  1. I really hope no one builds behind you. What a lovely view you have! Good luck sorting everything out.

  2. I can completely understand you concerns. We have a tree line that we back up to...We were told that there won't be any construction behind that tree line as it is and will be a Farm... I can imagine how I will feel if that changes! Hope you sort out the slope issue too. The things they say are so sketchy sometimes.....

    But your house is gorgeous! It's so bright and airy! :-) All the best!

  3. Beautiful!!! How long after drywall did it take for you to get to this point? Week wise?

  4. The house looks beautiful, Lesli! That is the really, really great part. The slope issue must be a little more than frustrating given your initial conversation with your SR. I hope that your PM is able to get it at least a little closer to being flat.

    I too hope no one builds behind you. This looks the ideal lot and I too would have selected that one for the same reason. Good luck!

  5. Those wood floors are fantastic! Love the kitchen and all that natural light. We have a slope problem too. Corner of our lot is a sink hole. Perhaps 5 feet lower than the house itself. Very disappointed, and totally never thought of it when we bought the lot.. If there is a next time, this must be avoided! There is also an existing house next to the sinkhole.. Out of our entire development we are the only house that has a house behind them.. How about that? But.. That's what happens when you are one of the last 2 lots sold in the development - the other had a retention basin behind it and we worried about the kids.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your slope, I hope it gets a little better :)

    Good luck, keep us updated.