Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We ARE closing tomorrow and a heads up

Final word, we WILL be closing tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. WOOHOO!!!

Also, I was looking at our appraisal and realized something.. If we went with another lender (like we were about to because NVR was driving us crazy) our house would have appraised for LESS than what the house would cost us if we didn't have the incentives.  We asked the outside lender what would've happened and she said we would have to pay the difference out of pocket at closing.  This is just a heads up for those that went with an outside lender.  Obviously all lenders handle things differently but it's good to ask what would happen if this was your case!


  1. YAY!!! That's great news!!!

    And thanks for sharing the appraisal thing...We had no idea about that! We will definitely check into that!!

    All the best for tomorrow!! Very happy for you....

  2. Woohoo

    I think it all depends on the appraiser/lender. Especially if they leave out key components! Our appraisal came back higher and we still had wiggle room. Hopefully no one runs into this!

    Glad you got them under control ;) jealous and can't wait till we get our keys!

  3. Ours did with NVR too so I wonder if it all depends on the appraiser the lender uses.

    So NVR appraised ours at 367K but if we went with the outside lender the house would have cost us about 387K.. and we would've had to pay the difference! Thank goodness that isn't your case!

  4. Hope all goes well today!

    That's also a great point about the appraisal. It came up when we were thinking of an outside lender and searching on zillow for what could be comps for the area. Our incentive was large like you're so it was a significant jump in sale price.

  5. That's what is so frustrating about the incentives! They make you feel like you are getting things for free, but they are really just getting the price down to what the house is worth!

    Congratulations on closing!!! So happy for you!

  6. Wooo!!! I can't wait for closing!! Enjoy!!